Creating my personal brand

What started as bad luck has turned into something good.

As an artist your portfolio is very important. It’s one of the first things someone will look for to see if you are credible in your skills. After finishing my studies I looked at my portfolio and only saw half quickly finished school projects and some passion projects. I decided that this wasn’t going to be acceptable so the choice was made to make a better portfolio. My gallery was purged of work that didn’t told a story or a skill I possess. Putting quality above quantity. After designing the website and its content with additional new made content I was happy with the result. It took a few weeks to optimize it, however it was worth it looking back at the process. My new website was online.

However within a month the hosting server was hacked and got a ransomware virus. They said they had made back-ups however these backups were on the same server as the websites themselves. The best backup the had was the portfolio from my graduation year. I was back at square one feeling defeated and knocked down.

I waited for some weeks in the hope the would encrypt the locked files but that didn’t happen. To make things worse, the help desk of the hosting was getting rude. Telling people to get lost and changing their promises in the description of their services instead of fixing the problem itself.

The realization came that this wouldn’t be fixed. I should start over again, making my portfolio site another time. I started with a lot of designs and thinking, about what my personal brand should convey. Who is going to look at my website and why. Hoe should I design the interaction to soothe the needs of these kind of people. I created a design doc for my personal brand and portfolio site. This file could be found here.

After having answers die my design questions I started to make a style scape fitting all the design decisions that were answers of my earlier design questions. I decided that I would focus more on my tech art development doe that was the direction I was heading in. However technical products created a new challenge. How do you present technical work without it getting dull and boring. I decided to create an info graphic style video doe every technical product on my portfolio like the cardboard render automation and photogrammetry pipeline. This way I could present my technical work better to the artists. However doe the developers I would break down technical parts of code and systems to interest them. This way I would be able to convey to both types.

I decided to take bright clean colours to fit the clear and playful nature I wanted to convey to the readers, this was in style with the info graphic style videos for technical products. A funny thing was the brand color I ended on. Purple. This isn’t even one of my favorite colors. However of fitted the personal brand and design choices more than any other could. And now I see the color in the way it is used I rather like it.

I still remember how bad I felt when my first site iteration got a ransomware virus. However seeing my new iteration I must commit that I’m glad that it happened. What started as bad luck has turned into good luck. The new iteration looks way better and more professional than the first iteration ever did. The hack needed to happen to empower and motivate me to give a second look on my site and my personal brand to make or better.

And I know what you are asking yourself. I did make a local back-up from this website. Just in case. I’ve learned my lesson.

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